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Who is King + Knight?

Who is King + Knight?

King + Knight is a people-focused digital agency that specializes in developing custom web, mobile, and
business application software solutions. Our firm ensures that our clients’ needs come first and our
technical egos second. For your projects to be successful and our firm to continue growing, we focus on YOU.

Beyond our clients, King + Knight is also people-focused with our team members and business partners.
We strive to see the human being first, then worry about the rest. Our team also aims to make our community
a better place. We are proud to be Fort Waynians and are eager to demonstrate our strong Midwestern work ethic.

King + Knight's team members are here to serve you. The face you're likely to see most is Mike King's.
Click on Mike's photos below to learn more about him.

Mike King, "King" of King + Knight

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Instagram Mike King graduated from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business in 2001 with a
concentration in Computer Information Systems. During and after college, Mike spent time
with large retailer, Marshall Field’s. He learned great guest (client) service and the value of
working with people from all walks of life. In management positions, Mike had to lead his
team members through numerous corporate/retail changes and eventually worked with them
to close a longstanding retail location.

Mike has been in IT consulting for nearly the past seven years. Prior to starting his own firm,
King + Knight, Mike served in a sales capacity where he worked with many of the company’s
largest clients, including multi-national billion dollar companies. He also created a strong
relationship with the Midwest Microsoft sales team, whose team members are primarily located
in Indianapolis, Chicago, and Cincinnati. While the Microsoft reps were in town, Mike scheduled
meetings with clients and prospective clients to talk about the value of Microsoft products along with the service that their company
could provide. Mike helped win business for Microsoft while also growing service opportunities for the company where he worked.
Because Mike understands the value that Microsoft’s tools provide and his ability to easily communicate and build relationships with
clients, many of the Microsoft reps found Mike to be one of their favorite and most productive partners to work with.

Outside of work, Mike was named to the 2010 class of The Greater Business Weekly’s 40 Under 40. He was also recognized as
one of the area’s 101 Connectors in 2011 by IPFW, the Journal Gazette, and Leadership Fort Wayne. Mike participate in the Parkview Foundation’s Cookin’ Men event. Mike sits on the board for Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana (YLNI) and the North Side High School
Alumni Association. He also spent three years as a Lunch Buddy through Big Brothers Big Sisters.

What we do!
What we do!

What We Do

Like most technology companies, King + Knight utilizes formal procedures for working with our clients. We call
this our Method to the Madness (MTTM). Since we deal with technical and nontechnical people alike, we don’t
want to bury anyone in technical jargon. Our team has you, the client, involved throughout the entire project.
We understand that you have full-time responsibilities outside of the project we are partnering with you on,
so we do our best not to overwhelm you. However, without your participation, the final product will not end
up being what YOU want.

Find out how we do it!

Some of the areas where we can help you are:

What we do!

Design and User Experience

King + Knight understands that the days of just having a website or a software application are gone. With the rise of technology in everyone’s day-to-day lives, users have begun to expect a higher level of visual appeal and ease of use. Your projects not only need to work but also look good. Otherwise, you just wasted a bunch of money.

You know your audience better than we do, so King + Knight will spend time with you (and your audience, whenever possible) to ensure a successful result. Our hope is to understand your audience’s expectations, desires, goals, and objectives of visiting your site or using your application. Understanding these things will lead to a better return on your investment.

What we do!

Technology Strategy

We understand that some companies, whether large or small, prefer to work on the majority of their technology initiatives on their own. However, King + Knight can still be of assistance. We encourage you to call us for an outside opinion of the strategy you are considering. We are happy to lend a helping hand (or a brainiac mind). Our team’s background and expertise can be leveraged to expand your team and ideas.

What we do!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

OK, so you have a website. Is anyone visiting it? The team at King + Knight will work with you to ensure that your site is receiving visitors. Now, you ask, “How do you do it?” If we answered that, you wouldn’t need us.

Seriously, though, we will optimize your site in a number of ways. We will also work with you to ensure that you are doing valuable activities with social media in conjunction with your website.

What we do!

Web Development

Technical expertise. That’s why you came to our site, right? The team at King + Knight is versed in a number of languages and approaches, and loves to develop web solutions for our clients. We don’t want to bore you non-techies with the details, so we kindly advise you to stop reading. For you tech-minded people out there, here are some of the tools that we like to use:

.Net, SQL Server , SharePoint , PHP , mySQL , HTML , CSS , Sitefinity , Magento , Able Commerce , Commerce Server

Sitefinity Partner
What we do!

Business App Development

King + Knight enjoys working with our clients to build business applications that provide a positive return on investment. You might be intimidated by the idea of creating something from the ground up. We never want to re-create the wheel, so we take that approach as a last result. Oftentimes, though, businesses have specialized processes or needs that prevent them from finding prepackaged software.

With our Method to the Madness (MTTM) approach, we will first spend time getting to know you and your business. From there, we will talk about ways that we will tackle the task at hand and deliver you a solid solution. As a fair warning, what you think you need today will likely change up until the amazing final product is delivered.

What we do!

Mobile Development

Okay, so you most likely have a smart phone. In fact, you might even be reading this from your smart phone. Wouldn’t it be safe to assume that your customers, suppliers, vendors, dealers, partners, fans, and many other people in your ecosystem are using smart phones? King + Knight will work with you to develop mobile solutions that are right for you and your audience. These might include a mobile version of your website or an app running on a device like an iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry, or an N8.

What we do!


Does your company sell products online? Should your company be selling products online? If you answered “Yes” to either one of those questions, then call us so we can talk. We love to help our clients capture additional revenue through the web!

How we do it!

How We Do It

As with all well-developed applications, design and the user experience are important factors to consider. Our
team will provide you with conceptual wire frames to consider first. These will help you get a feeling for the
application before the actual design is presented.

During the course of going through our Method to the Madness, we find that clients tend to have “Oh, by the
ways” or what we like to call, “OBTWs”. These are what others might refer to as Scope/Feature Creep. We
know and expect OBTWs to happen. We will work with you to determine whether they should be addressed in a
subsequent phase, or whether they should be added to the current phase of the project. Either way, King + Knight
will ensure that you understand how your particular OBTWs will affect your project’s overall timeline and investment level.



At King + Knight, we don’t believe that there are only the 4 P’s of marketing, we also consider the 5th P;
psychology. “Brainding” is a concept of taking a look at your branding and marketing efforts from a
psychological perspective. Brainding digs deep into the mind of your target audience by looking at all
aspects of influence on the decision making process. Brainding takes into consideration demographical
information, economical factors, and most importantly society’s effect on decisions being made.

King + Knight will sit down with you and help you not only understand the who, what, where
and how, but we’ll also discover the WHY. By helping you discover your digital brainding,
King + Knight will be better able to provide you with a digital strategy that will push your
brand ahead of the competition.

Want to know more about "Brainding"? Contact us today!

Case Studies

Case Studies

Below is one of our latest cases studies. More to come!

Parkview Health - ParkviewFoundations.org

The Buzz

"The Buzz"


This is where you'll find the latest news and updates from King + Knight. If you'd like to
see daily industry-related updates, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

King + Knight designs and develops website and logo for EnPak
Full story

King + Knight Selected
King + Knight Chamber Press Release

The Buzz

King + Knight designs and develops website and logo for EnPak

Digital firm works with orthopaedic packaging company


EnPakKing + Knight, a people-focused digital agency specializing in web, mobile, and business application development, has designed and developed a website and logo for EnPak, LLC., a company providing expertise in packaging operations for the orthopaedic industry. The new website and logo were designed to expand and develop EnPak’s brand.


EnPak is a minority-owned company, founded in 2011 by three orthopaedic professionals with over 61 years of combined experience. Located in Warsaw, Indiana, the orthopaedic capital of the world, EnPak provides reliable, cost-effective services with same-day turnaround times. They specialize in packaging options, quality assurance, label development, inventory management and logistics, and project management. The website and logo developed by King + Knight launched November 2011 and can be found at http://www.enpakllc.com.


“Mike and the team did more than develop a website for EnPak. They helped us articulate our brand and translate that into a logo and site that represents who we are. King + Knight are truly our partners,” said Marlene Mulero-Betances, CEO of EnPak, LLC.


“King + Knight is thrilled to have been able to work with the EnPak team. We are proud of their efforts to start a new company and know that their longstanding backgrounds in the orthopaedic industry will lead them toward great success,” said Mike King, President and CEO of King + Knight.

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Request for Proposal

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